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We recognise our responsibilities as a supplier of timber from forest sources around the world.

We currently supply a wide range of products where timber is sourced from forests that are independently certified by the FSC or PEFC certification schemes (including PEFC mutual recognition schemes such as the SFI and CSA).

The source of all timber purchased by the company directly is traceable. A minority of indirect purchases are not yet fully traceable and this will be remedied in due course.

Our goal is to source all timber from sources that are defined as legal in accordance with the UK Government's Central Point of Expertise for Timber (CPET) definition.

In choosing between wooden flooring certified as both legal and sustainable by different independent third party certification schemes, we will give preference to timber from FSC certified sources, where all other interests are equal.

We will work in partnership with customers to exceed these goals to meet specific customer requirements, where there is a clear benefit to both partners. However we will not reduce these standards or source timber from untraceable or unproven sources even when this would be less expensive and acceptable to the customer.

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Wysewood Hardwood Flooring Company:
To be the most honest and ethical wooden flooring partner of choice. To provide superior wooden flooring, products and carpentry labour to the residential and commercial flooring sectors. We will strive to implement a long term relationship with our clients, based on integrity, quality, timely service and an anticipation of their needs. To foster a work environment that strengthens its employees, encouraging new ideas, new innovations and growth.
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